Windows 10X development costs Intel notebook launch at CES 2020 event

Just like it had happened so many times in the recent past, Microsoft’s slow system software development has once again postponed OEM plans.

Microsoft announced Windows 10X operating system back in October. Officials elaborated that this operating system can be used on multiple devices. This means it can be used in both laptops and smartphones.

Reports suggested that Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10X will not only be used by Microsoft itself but by many other technology manufacturers like Intel, HP, and Lenovo. Intel is yet to deliver a smart device just because of Microsoft’s slow development of Windows 10X.

Windows 10X development costs Intel notebook launch at CES 2020 event
Intel notebook launch at CES 2020 event

Foreign media Digitimes reported that due to “immature operating system support and insufficient supply of flexible screens” Intel might cancel plans to show off 17 inches foldable laptops at CES 2020 event.

Intel has been seeking folding screen laptops from OEMs as a way to revive the notebook market but because of this slow system development from its partner Microsoft, Intel is unlikely to promote folding screen devices until at least mid-2020.

It was heard that Intel is developing a new foldable device that will use the Windows 10X operating system. Reports suggested that Intel has scheduled to show off this device at the CES 2020 event but the absence of the OS has led the tech giant to postpone the device announcement.

On contrary, there are increasing signs that Microsoft’s development of Windows Core OS is not proceeding as planned and many user interface shells like a desktop shell, Surface Hub 2 shell, and IoT shell have been already cancelled.

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