CastAway mobile case can offer a second screen for your smartphone

Adding a second screen to your smartphone would save you a lot of time by letting you multitask your way into your work. Instead of juggling between apps in a single phone screen, you can add another screen to your smartphone and go through multiple apps at the same time. This facility is already available for PCs but in today’s world, smartphones and tablets are being used for most of the work and most of the time by people.

The CastAway case is a stylish accessory which is a second ultra-slim screen that you can add on to your smartphone. It is a powerful chromium-based tablet which you can use to multitask in your phones. It’s more like converting your device into a foldable smartphone.

CastAway mobile case can offer a second screen for your smartphone
CastAway mobile case

The castAway case was invented by Ken Mages, a 40-year-old veteran in the electronics industry. He took the help of Joe Jasinski, who was a product designer in Dell, and 2 other former employees from Microsoft and Intel to design this product.

CastAway case is an additional screen that allows you to open multiple apps at a time, and share or access files and information from either screen at the same time.

Some of the main features of the device include easy connectivity to Android and iOS, dual boot option which lets you turn the device quickly into a keyboard, a trackpad or a gaming remote, built-in battery, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and camera (front and rear).

The device has got magnetic hinges to attach to a tablet or smartphone on its ends. When you remove the screen your phone will look the same as before attaching it. The hinge helps in connecting to any smartphone device. The smartphone side of the hinge is customizable and different for each phone.

CastAway mobile case can offer a second screen for your smartphone
CastAway Case

As of now, the CastAway smartphone case is available for 3 model sizes which as mentioned by the company are One/S: 5.8” for smartphones of that size, One/L: 6.3” and One/XL: 6.9”. You can select the device according to your smartphone type by refrring to the details mentioned on their page.

Talking about the hardware, the device runs on the latest Chromium version. Their App, Multitask+ works easily on Android and iOS devices. You can find their hardware functioning in the form of a flowchart on the official webpage.

CastAway mobile case can offer a second screen for your smartphone
CastAway mobile case

Meanwhile, the castAway case has a 32GB storage, stereo speakers, Mali T864 graphics, a 35W Hr battery and adapter which is 15V/3A DC, 45W, type C

Software for this gadget is quite interesting and easy to use. Multitask+ app allows the device to connect to Android and iOS with simple commands and shortcuts and connects via Bluetooth or WiFi. They are planning to do the shipping by May 2020 if all goes well.

You can also email them in order to enquire about your device or if your smartphone model is not mentioned on the page. To learn more about the CastAway mobile case, check out the official campaign page.

Also, share your thoughts about the futuristic castAway mobile case in the comment section below! Let us know, what you think about the cool smartphone gadget for smartphones!

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