New 75-inch Xiaomi TV coming soon, passes 3C certification

According to Mukul Sharma, a new Xiaomi TV has passed 3C certification recently. It is being heard that the certification was cleared on 24th December 2019. As of now, we only know that the above mentioned Xiaomi TV variant comes with a display of 75 inches.

As per the official website, the Xiaomi TV variant that passed 3C certification on 24th December comes with the model number L75M6-5P. It also showed that this product is produced by Xinpu (Guangzhou) Electronics Co. Ltd.

New 75-inch Xiaomi TV coming soon, passes 3C certification
75-inch Xiaomi TV passes 3C certification

A few days back, it was reported that as many as three new Xiaomi TV variants have passed 3C certification and the respective model numbers are L32M5-AD, L50M5-AD, and L75M5-BH. It was also said that the new smart TVs came with a display size of 32 inches, 50 inches, and 75 inches respectively.

It is always usual the 32-inch and 50-inch variants come under affordable price tags while the bigger variant like 75 inches bags higher price tags. So we are sure, the upcoming 75-inch Xiaomi TV got the same scenario. Also, the pricing should vary based on the packed features.

As of now, there are currently no pictures and detailed configuration information for these products from Xiaomi. We should get more details about these Xiaomi Smart TVs in the coming days.

Let us know what you expect from the upcoming 75-inch Xiaomi Smart TV in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned at Morning Tick for latest updates!

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