OLA launched a real time monitoring system in India called the “Guardian”
OLA launched a real time monitoring system in India called the “Guardian”

Ola is expanding its Artificial Intelligence based monitoring system called the Guardian in India. It is a safety feature that collects real-time activity from an ongoing trip and detects the nature of activities. They monitor the irregularities in the ride including prolonged stops and unexpected route deviations.

The Guardian was introduced in 2018 in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi as a pilot project in 2018. Now, this feature is being brought about in 16 major cities in India. They are introducing this project also in Perth, Australia and Ola say that it is planning to launch it in more cities in the coming years.

The firm has a ‘safety response team’ which is active 24×7 and the alerts from guardian will be sent to this team immediately. The safety response team reaches out to customers and drivers to ensure that the ride is smooth and safe. There is also on-call assistance until ride completion.

OLA launched a real time monitoring system in India called the “Guardian”
OLA “Guardian” feature

The Guardian is built on Machine Learning capabilities and the system learns and improves itself from a large amount of data collected day after day. Risk signalling and instant resolution are improved each day in this manner.

Arun Srivastav, the Chief Sales and Marketing officer said in an event marking the global launch that, “ We are focused on developing innovations that place customers safely at the heart of platform experience. Guardian brings together the precision of Artificial Intelligence with the assurance of human intervention, enabling a uniform and safe mobility experience across the markets we operate in”.

Ola has established itself as the biggest ride aggregator in India and is expanding it’s business and services to other countries including Australia, UK and New Zealand. In the UK, already 10000 people have registered for ola last week ahead of its launch there. They already operate in 250 cities around the world including all major cities in India.

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