With Bridgefy Messaging App you chat even without internet
With Bridgefy Messaging App you chat even without internet

If the internet in your area is suspended by the government or a natural calamity, then there is an app for you that lets you chat without the need for connecting to the internet. Bridgefy, is a messaging app that lets you connect to others without using the internet.

The app connects directly to other devices within its range for communication. It creates a peer to peer Bluetooth mesh network in your mobile phone thus eliminating the need for the mobile data connection.

There are 3 modes by which the app works. One for short-distance communication, one for long-distance and another for easy communication with anyone around you. The 3 modes are called- one to one, one to one long and Broadcast mode.

With Bridgefy Messaging App you chat even without internet
Bridgefy Messaging App

The One to one mode lets you communicate with the people within 100 meters of range. This mode will be very useful when you want to let a neighbour know that you are in trouble during a disaster and you need to be rescued.

The 2nd mode is One to one long, in which, the range of the app can potentially increase as more and more people use them. This is different from conventional mobile apps and networks where the server or app gets slow or less efficient when the load increases. The range of Bridgefy expands to 1320ft in case of such traffic which is quite useful at the time of havoc.

The broadcast mode allows the user to send information to a large group of people, say during a protest or any similar events. This works even if the recipient is not in your contact list.

You need an internet connection to download and install the app. This is a one time process and you do not need the internet for using the app further. The communication is completely offline. The app looks very simple and the User interface is attractive and smooth.

This app was used in Hong Kong by protesters to communicate during internet censorship imposed by China. In India, the protesters of CAA( Citizenship Amendment Act) in New Delhi are recommending Bridgify to keep the communication active.

You can check out the app in the Google App store and Apple Store. Also, share your thoughts on Bridgefy – Offline Messaging in the comment section below!

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