Netflix to release Spotify’s tale as original series
Netflix to release Spotify’s tale as original series

Spotify, the very popular Swedish audio streaming app is now getting to say it’s start-up tale through an original series which is to be released by Netflix. A story of Facebook in the form of a film called ‘The social network’ was released in social media and now we will get to see the story of Spotify as well.

Netflix revealed that it got the motivation to make the show from the book called ‘Spotify untold’ by authors Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud. The plan to make the series in both Swedish and English languages.

As one can guess from the name, the series says the story and struggles of the founder Daniel Ek and his partner Martin Lorentzon who had set out to provide free music to the world online and legally. It is basically the success story of Spotify. In fact, Spotify had set a new trend to the entire music listening idea for everyone especially when piracy was at its peak and people had to depend on random websites to download and listen to music.

Netflix to release Spotify’s tale as original series
Netflix to release Spotify’s tale as original series

“The founding story of Spotify is a great example of how a local story can have a global impact. We are really excited about bringing this success story to life and we look forward to continuing our great collaboration with director Per Olav Sorensen and the team at YellowBird UK”, said Tesha Crawford, director of International originals, Northern Europe, Netflix.

The title of the series or the release date has not yet been decided. The series will be directed by Per Olav Sorensen under the production of YellowBird UK led by Berna Levin.

According to Per Olav Sorensen, “I am excited to bring about the story of Sweden based Spotify to life on screen. It is an ongoing fairytale in modern history about how Swedish wiz kids changed the music industry forever. The story is truly exciting and challenging. Challenging because the Spotify story has not ended yet- it is still running with high speed and will probably change while we work on the project”.

This can turn out to be an excellent story and motivation for upcoming entrepreneurs and an interesting series to watch. The world is already familiar with series like Silicon Valley and other movies based on successful entrepreneurship. This will be another one to the list and probably an interesting one.

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