MIUI 11 based JoyUI 11 Beta Program pre opened

Recently, Xiaomi has pushed its MIUI 11 a lot and now, software enhancements are being done for Black Shark that runs on JoyUI custom skin. It should be noted that Black Shark is a gaming smartphone developer backed up by Xiaomi.

Just a few days ago, Xiaomi confirmed that MIUI 11 features will be made available for the Black Shark devices very soon and this update will bump the version of the skin to JoyUI 11.

Today, in the morning, Black Shark stated that it will push upgrades of JOYUI 11 Beta only for the users who apply for the trial version. One of the officials gave a statement that conveys that the current internal beta version has gradually entered a stable state.

The degree of stability is different because of the large differences between platforms of each product so the company will send upgrades in batches exclusively to the users who apply for JOYUI 11 beta.

It is reported that MIUI 11 based JOYUI 11 beta version pre opened at 20000 beta test places. The official disclosed that there will be some bug problems in this version so users should report whatever problems they are facing so that the company is able to fix those with its final update.

Some new functional capabilities implemented in JOYUI 11 are Xiaomi mutual transmission, Xiaomi AI 3.0, super document, easy printing, and all-round screen projection. It supports diving mode, do not disturb, and acceleration while gaming. There is also a game assistant.

As of now, Black Shark 2 and Black Shark 2 Pro have adopted the dynamic natural sound system of MIUI11 and developers are testing the same on Black Shark 1 and Black Shark Helo. You can pre-register here.