Samsung is expected to launch NEON at CES 2020

The group called STAR Labs (Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs) teased a product called NEON this week. They’ve suggested that they will be revealing the details of his mysterious product at CES 2020 which is just a few weeks away.

Right now, NEON exists on the internet in social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and has a domain of its own at The domain was registered on 9th October 2019. The website suggests that it will come in January 2020.

Samsung is expected to launch NEON at CES 2020
Samsung’s NEON at CES 2020

A few days back, Samsung ’s technology and advanced research lab STAR (Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs) announced that it will show a new product called “NEON” at CES 2020 event. It will even register a set of “” domain names.

Bo Moon, director of Samsung “STAR” laboratory, and Pranav Mistry, president and CEO of Samsung “STAR” laboratory have revealed on Twitter that “NEON” will be immersive with wisdom Service and it will be launched soon. However, for the full list of specifications, we have to wait till next year’s CES 2020 event.

Judging from Samsung’s annual announcement of the new TV based consumer products at the CES 2020 event, it may be some artificial intelligence application service that is newly integrated with TV products or something related with content experience combined with virtual vision technology.

In Twitter, Bo Moon (Bo Moon @bomoon) posted “Been working late nights and weekends and totally feeling that start-up life again. Looking forward to unveiling the new company with the team at #CES2020 in January. You won’t want to miss this…”.

Similarly, Pranav Mistry (@pranavmistry) posted “For the past few years, I have been working on something exciting. FOLLOW @neondotlife to learn more. Please SHARE and ask your friends to join, too.

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