Microsoft Xbox Series X promo film is plagiarized
Microsoft Xbox Series X promo film is plagiarised

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft officially released its next-generation console Xbox Series X at The Game Awards event ceremony. Xbox Scarlett has been officially named as Xbox Series X.

During the event, Phil Spencer, the current executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft and the current head of Xbox brand revealed that the Xbox Scarlett console will come with as many as 15 Exclusive games.

He said “We’ve designed Xbox consoles to power your dreams. We see a future where you are instantly absorbed in your games. Where you are in the centre of your gaming experience. Next holiday, Xbox Series X will lead us into the future of console gaming. Our fastest, most powerful Xbox will set a new bar for performance, speed, and compatibility.”

It is recently discovered that Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett promotional film drew on the idea of ​​a 2015 released independent game “Dry Lights” from ANTIVJ Studios. This 2015 ANTIVJ studio project “Dry Light” was made by Xavier Chassaing and senior composer Thomas Vaquie. It was for Sony PS4 platform.

As per reports, Microsoft has borrowed the visual effects of ANTIVJ sparks to illuminate the earth in its own video. In the video, it was showed that it optimizes technologies like dynamic light sources, ambient light obscurations, reflections, and shadows.

It is unclear whether Microsoft completed this work in the house or through a contract. Check out the official Microsoft’s Xbox X series promo,

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