Google acquires Typhoon Studios to develop Stadia Games

Google on Thursday acquired the Montreal based gaming company, Typhoon Studios, to improve their own game streaming platform Stadia Games. Typhoon Studio is quite young as of now with 26 employees. They were started almost three years ago and their upcoming game ‘Journey to the savage planet’ will be released in Jan 2020.

The game is being developed for multiple platforms and thus for Stadia to take up their game. The company will be merging into Stadia Games and joining the Team in Canada lead by Sebastien Puel, former Ubisoft executive.

“As we approach the release of Journey to the savage planet, a project we have truly poured our hearts into, we are thrilled to announce the next chapter of our team’s adventure. We will be joining the team at Google to work with Stadia Games and Entertainment team, making great games with great people” wrote Typhoon Studios in their official website.

Google acquires Typhoon studios to develop Stadia Games
Google acquires Typhoon Studios

“From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all your support and feedback and can’t wait to share what comes next” they added.

Google has been quite excited and vocal about their improvements in Stadia Studios led by former EA exec Jade Raymond. They said that they are building multiple first part studios to release content on the platform.

Raymond told the media that “We have a plan that includes building out various first-party studios, and also building up publishing organizations to ship exclusive contents created by Indie devs and other external partners.”

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