Apple forms satellite communications research team
Apple forms satellite communications research team

According to Bloomberg, Apple has formed a communication team within the company which is expected to send a connection signal directly to the user’s device by satellite so that the user’s device is able to maintain the connection at any time.

According to the source quoted by Bloomberg, Apple’s internal satellite communication research team is composed of aviation, satellite, and antenna design experts and it consists of about 12 members.

It is expected that satellite communications will be developed into a commercial-stage in the next 5 years. However, this team development project is still at an early stage, and it is impossible to confirm whether this project will become an official development product of Apple in the future or will it be cancelled for some reason or other.

Apple forms satellite communications research team
Apple forms satellite communications research team

In fact, the use of satellite communication services is not uncommon nowadays. At the same time, many new teams have continued to invest in the development of satellite communication applications.

The cost of providing data connection services through satellite communication is still not as widespread as ordinary telecommunication services. It is high, and even though the connection speed generated by satellite communication at this stage can already approach the performance of 4G network speed, it is still relatively slow.

Investing in satellite communication services may further reduce the reliance of telecommunications service providers for Apple. It may even provide basic connection services through satellite communication by itself.

Presently, industry players including Facebook and Loon have begun to invest in satellite communication applications, so that users can continue to use the Internet, and it can also improve the problem of difficult to obtain Internet signals in rural areas.

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