Tencent officially launches new video dating app

According to Tech Planet, following the recent launch of the anonymous social app “Deng Yu Dating”, Tencent has launched a new video dating app called “Happy Meeting”. It is based on video chat. Happy Meeting supports blind date.

According to reports, “Happy Encounter” product design is divided into three functions: “live”, “chat”, and “my”. It is basically a video room where one can make online friends.

Users can set their own personal information and friend-seeking conditions so that both parties can determine the blind date conditions. When you open the other person’s avatar during a video chat, you can see their personal details.

Tencent officially launches new video dating app "Happy Encounter"
Tencent Happy Encounter App

In addition, users cannot directly send a private message to a friend of the opposite sex in Italy. They need to pay attention to each other before communicating.

At present, there is only a blind date live room in the live broadcast interface. After entering the room, you will see the live broadcasting of female guests.

Tencent Happy Encounter App
Tencent Happy Encounter App

Male guests can use “I want to go to with” for video communication. Viewers can text chat with guests and shortlist some of them as Favorites.

It is reported that this is the sixth social app launched by Tencent in the recent period. Chinese tech giant Tencent owns WeChat, the top mobile messaging app in China with 1.15 billion monthly active users.


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