Streamlabs announces new fundraising platform for streamers and charities
Streamlabs announces new fundraising platform for streamers and charities

The live streaming toolkit, Streamlabs, is launching its charity offering today and the donation tab is built into their software. Streamlabs is the topmost streaming platform for Twitch, Facebook, Youtube etc. Now, they are working with several other organizations to start with their charity programs, including Feeding America, Make-A-Wish, World Vision, Americares, The American Redcross, Arbor Day foundation, direct relief, Special Olympics and the American Heart Association.

The LIVE streaming platforms have always been enthusiastic about raising funds for the less fortunate and charity is always a regular feature among these platforms. Twitch leads campaigns itself some of which are carried out by their individual streamers, who believes in lending a helping hand to the needy.

Streamlabs announces new fundraising platform for streamers and charities
Streamlabs announces a new fundraising platform for streamers and charities

Streamlabs have integrated the charity tab to its software and this, makes it easier for the users/ streamers to make sure that the donation money is reaching the right place. Streamland has made sure that they are not taking any cut from these charitable donations. The company had mentioned in their website that, “ excluding for the PayPal processing fees, charities receive 100% of every contribution directly via PayPal”. This is different from other platforms like Tiffany which takes up 5% of the transaction fee.

“When a streamers active charity stream goes live, their donation link will automatically redirect to charities tip page which means the money goes directly to the charity with no additional fees taken out,” wrote Streamlabs. There is an option to add custom alerts and donation panels for the streamers to add to their streams so that they can improve their credits.

This program is now in Beta stage and is expected to expand at the beginning of next year. Streamers can still log in to their Streamlabs account and schedule their charity events now.

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