PUBG Mobile releases New Mini-Game for the Angry Birds’ 10th Anniversary

PUBG mobile has recently got the 0.16.0 update and is planning to bring lots of new updates and features into the game. They are bringing the RangeGear mode and also lots of exciting content and is partnering with Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds.

Angry birds celebrated its 10th anniversary on 11th December 2019 and Rovio Entertainment had started a #BingeTheAnger campaign as a part of this. They are introducing lots of new versions of the game. Range Rider which is anger powered scooter and Angry Birds Vending machine are being released as a part of these. PUBG mobile is joining this party with a mini-game version of Angry Birds.

PUBG Mobile releases New Mini-Game for the Angry Birds’ 10th Anniversary
PUBG Mobile and Angry Birds

The mini-game will be found in the spawn area of each PUBG map and there are familiar elements from the old games in this version. There is the pig tower and all players are equipped with the birds. There is the bomb(black), chuck(yellow) and the Reds. Like the previous game, you have to throw them at the pig tower and destroy it.

In their Twitter official page, the PUBG mobile has tweeted, “ the Angry Birds have a set of jobs for you. Earn snowballs by completing missions in-game, and use the snowballs to break the birds made of ice. The more points you earn, the better rewards you get.” this means that you get snowballs as rewards and can use these to free the Angry Birds trapped in ice.

Once you destroy the pig tower and complete your tasks, you will witness and Angry Birds hologram. The concept is fun and can be a perfect homage to the game but it turned out to be irritating and a nuisance to the players in the spawn area of PUBG mobile.

Throwing the birds at the pig tower creates a loud chirping sound. So if at least 50% of the PUBG players are in the spawn area, then the game becomes highly chaotic and players will have to turn down the volume. This can be dealt with by turning off the SFX sound effect when you are in the spawn region. When you get out of there, you can turn it back on and continue playing.

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