Xiaomi Mijia Electric Toothbrush announced for 169 yuan
Xiaomi Mijia Electric Toothbrush announced for 169 yuan

Today, in the morning, Xiaomi announced a new Mijia electric toothbrush. The device will be available for crowdfunding on its official website. Crowdfunding will start from 10 AM onwards on 18th December and the crowdfunding price is 169 yuan.

According to reports, the Xiaomi electric toothbrush is equipped with a new intelligent permanent magnet motor. It has a water pressure of 140 PSI which can generate a high-pressure pulsed water column of 1400 per minute. It has the potential to penetrate into the teeth and clean the blind space of the cavity protecting the gums.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric toothbrush announced at the price of 169 yuan
Xiaomi Mijia Electric toothbrush

Xiaomi Electric Flusher supports four professional nozzles that meet the US FDA standards and also supports four types of punching modes. As far as battery life is concerned, this Xiaomi Electric toothbrush is backed up by a built-in 2200 mAh battery whose charge stays up to 45 days. Users will be able to charge the device through a Type-C USB port.

One Xiaomi official commented that this electric toothbrush can penetrate deep into the teeth and gingival sulcus, flush away food residues, and massages the gums to reduce gum bleeding. Moreover, he said that long term use of this toothbrush can prevent oral diseases.

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