Google Maps add filters for EV charging stations

Google Maps have added a plug type filter in its options for Electric Vehicles. It classifies the electronic vehicle charging stations according to their plug type and this has been added to the Maps. Google always keep improving their services and enhances the features to meet the needs of customers and they constantly try to provide facilities based on consumer demands by listening to them in real-time. They never cease to surprise us with their technology and supports.

There is a plugin option in the shape of an electric vehicle charger with E mentioned on it and the EV users can add their plugs to see the charging stations which match with their vehicle.

It is now being said that Google has finally given heed to the demands of electric vehicle owners by displaying the different types of charging ports required for their vehicles. The charging stations have to provide heavy-duty or special connectors to confirm the standards of different vehicles. Examples include, CHAdeMO used by Nissan, Tesla uses it’s connector and BMW and Volkswagon uses CCS (Combined Charging System) which are DC rapid charging ports. Certain regions have also started using AC fast charging plugs.

Google Maps adds filter for EV charging stations.
Google Maps add filters for EV charging stations.

Although there was an electric vehicle search facility in Google, the divers could not find the charging stations with compatible connectors. But the recent update will give the daily drivers all the information required to find the charging stations for their vehicles.

They can also choose between different plugs such as J1772, CCS(Combo 1), CCS (Combo 2), Type 2, Tesla and CHAdeMO. This is especially useful for travellers using electric vehicles. They can easily find the charging station in a new town and drive directly into them.

The main steps for customizing your EV charging is Google Maps > Settings> Electric Vehicle Settings> Your Plugs> Choose and Save. This way, the users can easily choose their stations and avoid relying on other apps for the same. There are other apps in the market to compete Google Maps like Apple’s Maps, Microsoft’s Bing Maps and a new Map Kit which is going to be released.

Google Maps is still the most favourite among all these and they do not fail to keep up their popularity by introducing new updates and user-friendly technology.

There is a plugin option in the shape of an electric vehicle charger with E mentioned on it and the EV users can add their plugs to see which charging stations have a suitable charging cable for there car. Alternatively, you can carry your own EV Charging Cable which can be purchased from EV Cable Shop, they offer both Type 1 and Type 2 Charging Cables.

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