Xbox Series X hardware details leaked, similar in size to Mini ITX Console

Microsoft has announced its next Xbox gaming console during The Game Awards 2019 event. It is determined to be called the Xbox Series X and uses a rectangular desktop-like body design. According to the Windows Central website for information, it further revealed the details of the hardware specifications of the Xbox Series X.

Compared to Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, only the key specifications are revealed, and the information shared on Windows Central is to obtain specific details about the hardware configuration of the Xbox Series X console.

Xbox Series X hardware details exposed, similar size of Mini ITX Console
Xbox Series X

It is expected that the Xbox Series X will be launched with a custom Ryzen CPU designed with AMD Zen 2 architecture, a custom Navi GPU based on the RDNA display architecture, and 16GB GDDR6 memory, NVMe SSD, and uses a Blu-ray disc drive as a game access medium.

The Xbox Series X Hardware details are as follows,

  • Processor: Customized Ryzen CPU designed with AMD Zen 2 architecture (8-core design, operating clock is 3.6 GHz, possibly Ryzen 7 3700X grade)
  • Graphics card: Customized Navi GPU based on RDNA display architecture (display performance is 12 TFLOPS)
  • Memory: 16GB GDDR6 (of which 13GB is provided for developers to design and use)
  • Storage: NVMe SSD (reading efficiency can reach 2GB per second, but the actual capacity specifications are not yet determined)
  • Display output: up to 8K, support 4K @ 120Hz display output
  • Optical disc drive: Blu-ray disc drive supporting 4K resolution
  • Port: temporarily unable to confirm, but it is certain that there will be a standard USB for connecting peripheral accessories
  • Color: At present only matte gray, not sure if it will continue to provide white styles
  • Price: Not yet announced
  • Expected launch time: Christmas period at the end of 2020

However, none of the above hardware specifications have been confirmed officially by Microsoft, so specific details may have to be announced by Microsoft during subsequent events such as E3 2020 next year.

Xbox Series X hardware details exposed, similar size of Mini ITX Console
Xbox Series X Design

As for the actual body size, although the current appearance of the Xbox Series X does not look much different from that of a general desktop, the actual size should be close to that of a mini ITX-designed PC, so theoretically it will not be too large.

In addition to preparing for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft expects to launch another Xbox game console without a disc drive design, which is expected to be called ” Lockhart “. The new machine announced this time should be the previous codename “Anaconda”, and “Project Scarlett” as the game console.

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