AML emergency call system now supports iPhones in Germany

Apple has brought support for the emergency call technology AML in Germany. The iPhone now automatically transmits its most accurate location to operations control centers. Even if the location services are switched off, it can access the GPS.

According to mobiflip website, after Apple introduced the iOS 13.3 update to iPhone devices, it also brought AML positioning function to iPhone devices in Germany. However, reports suggest that though this feature has been available on the iPhone for some time but it has not been available in Germany.

AML (Advanced Mobile Location) function can automatically identify the exact location when the user dials an emergency call. It then sends the precise location in Germany (112 for emergency calls).

AML emergency call system now supports iPhones in Germany
German iPhone now supports AML positioning

This feature is integrated, and users do not have to install anything or perform any operations. The location information for emergency calls collected by AML will be stored in the server for one hour and then permanently deleted.

AML data are based on exact GPS coordinates and are therefore far more precise than the previous rough location using radio cells. In Germany, all major network operators support the system. Already more than 40% of all mobile emergency calls can be pinpointed using AML.

AML has been active in the three local mobile networks of Telekom, Vodafone, and Telefonica since October 2019. Berlin fire department on-demand from Mac & i confirmed that Android devices support the technology from version 4 while iPhones support this technology from iOS 13.3.

The transmission of the location data takes place via an SMS to AML endpoints in the control centers located at Freiburg and Berlin. However, other control centers can query the location data for the emergency calls they have received. As of now, three-quarters of the 250 control centers in Germany support the system. It must be noted that the recorded location data gets automatically deleted from the system within an hour.

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