X One ebike might be the smartest among the next generation e-bikes

X One is a well-engineered and gorgeously designed e-bike which is planning to be in the market by 2020 and the team is running a campaign in Indigogo to attract the customers.

The bike is engineered using multiple patented technologies by a team headed by the CEO Mat Rauzier, and Jaime Pla, the CTO. It has lots of attractive advanced features and is extremely good to look at. According to Forbes, it is “A virtual feast for the eyes”.

“Finally a bike that gives desire,” said GQ and according to LeParisian it is “Highly Engineered”.

X One ebike might be the smartest among the Next generation E bikes
X One ebike – The Smartest Electric Bike

X One ebike can ride up to the speed of 45 Km/Hr with a range of 75Km. It has an efficient battery and can regenerate power as you ride the bike. The bike has facial recognition unlocks, voice commands and has a smart screen that provides GPS facility. You can also choose between the throttle and pedal assist.

When it comes to the design part, the bike is built around Aluminum composite frame paired with a carbon fibre fork. All of the cables and mechanism are hidden inside the aerodynamically shaped frame. It completely sets a new standard for electrical bikes in future and is quite a revolutionary design by Mat Rauzier.

X One ebike might be the smartest among the Next generation E bikes
X One – The smartest e-Bike

Along with the facial recognition and voice control features, there is an automatic turn signal depending on your movements. The voice control makes the riding of the bike hand free. The battery is 750W and 42V 16Ah and you can ride up to 75km with a single charge. You will never run out of charge because the battery charges itself as you ride, with the energy regeneration technology.

Besides, the battery can carry out uphill regeneration, downhill and also backpedal regeneration. There are gyro sensors to monitor your motion and manage motor torque. It measures the inclination of your track and adjusts the torque so that you can pedal with maximum ease.

The e-bike is also equipped with smart lighting technology and contains photosensors. X One ebike is completely ergonomic and comfortable. You will be offered at least four colour options and they are providing 50% off for the initial orders. The prices range from $4,399 to $3,999 according to the features and the company now offers 50% off from these prices as a part of their campaign. The delivery is expected to be in June 2020.

To learn more about the products, visit the campaign page on Indiegogo.

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