Netflix testing long term subscription plans in India with up to 50% discount

Netflix is testing long term subscription plans in India. Netflix has already tested its half-yearly annual and quarterly plans in India. The users are offered a discount of up to 50%, and those who subscribe to this plan can get a long term plan also at a discount.

Netflix plans to test 3 plans, and 1st of these plans is a three months subscription plan of Rs 1,919 while the regular premium subscription rate is Rs 2,397. The second plan is for six months plan, which they are giving out at a 30% discount at the rate of 3,359 while the original price is 4,794. The annual plan, which is for 12 months, is being tested with a 50% discount at the rate of 4799 rupees. The original price being Rs 9,588.

Netflix testing long term subscription plans in India with up to 50% discount
Netflix long term subscription plans

Netflix, which is a California based company is testing its plans in the Indian market to retain its customers for an extended period. They had offered an Rs.199 affordable plan which is still available. Netflix was introduced in India in 2016 and is used widely in the country since then.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had said in a conference in Delhi that Netflix is investing 3000 crores for creating the local contents in India, including cricket matches. He mentioned that the Indian audience is very important to the company, and they are planning to be more Indian in their contents.

However, Netflix needs to compete with Hotstar and Amazon prime, which is quite popular among Indian viewers and is much cheaper compared to Netflix. Flipkart is also one of the competitors. Hotstar and Flipkart are making it difficult by providing free contents to watch.

The new move by Netflix might give an advantage by gaining a number of long term subscribers in the Indian market.

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