Microsoft Surface Hub 2X might come with Windows 10X
Microsoft Surface Hub 2X might come with Windows 10X

Since the launch of Microsoft Surface Hub 2S back in April this year, we have not heard much about Surface Hub 2X. The Surface Hub 2 was originally released as a single product and was originally scheduled for release in 2019. It runs in a new version of Windows 10 based on the Windows Core OS and comes with modern features such as tiling, dynamic rotation, faster Windows Updates, and more.

Later in 2018, Microsoft announced that this version of the Surface Hub 2 will be launched in 2020, and it will split the Surface Hub 2 into two devices: Hub 2S and Hub 2X. The Surface Hub 2S is a “reduced” version of the Surface Hub 2X as there is no dynamic rotation, tiling, or any other OS enhancements.

Just to let you know, Surface Hub 2S comes with the same operating system as of today’s Surface Hub. Microsoft marketed that the reason behind this is most customers want to run Surface Hub 2 versions of older operating systems. However, in reality, it might be the case that the operating system built for the Surface Hub 2X will only be built in 2020. The system code name is Aruba.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2X might come with Windows 10X
Microsoft Surface Hub 2X

According to reports, Microsoft is expected to release more news about Surface Hub 2X at Ignite 2019 event because Microsoft gave media personnel hands-on opportunity to operate Surface Hub 2X and its Windows Core OS at Ignite 2018.

Some sources are trying to convey that Microsoft has decided to cancel the version of Windows Core OS built specifically for Surface Hub 2. Aruba now joins Andromeda OS and Polaris as another version of Windows Core OS.

However, it is also reported that Microsoft Surface Hub 2X has not been cancelled and will still be launched in the future but it will no longer be released with Aruba. Instead, it will come with Windows 10X. Microsoft Windows 10X is another variant of Windows Core OS, codenamed Santorini. It is expected that Microsoft Windows 10X will appear in June 2020.

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