Hotstar viewership grew 3X in 2019, reasons being: GOT, BigBoss & World Cup
Hotstar viewership grew 3X in 2019, reasons being: GOT, BigBoss & World Cup

Live cricket streaming and big boss were the most viewed contents in Hotstar in 2019 as per their viewer reports. The ICC Cricket world and Indian Premier league 12th season improved the viewership by millions. The India Pakistan match on July 16th gained 365 million views in the span of 8 hours. But Hotstar claims that they count viewers the same way as Youtube does, that means, if a person clicks on the video and see it for 30 seconds it is counted. But this time limit is very less for taking the viewer count.

The views for India vs Pakistan in Hotstar crossed the number of YouTube viewership for the Avengers trailer. Uday Shankar, the chairman of Star India and President Disney APAC along with Sanjay Gupta the country Manager, Disney India were in charge of launching and discussing Hotstars viewing patterns.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had revealed on Friday that they are planning to invest Rs 3000 crores on contents from India to which Shankar reacted “ People come here and say they are going to invest 3000 crores on content. Well, welcome to the party. We write one check for a tournament (cricket)which is bigger than that.”

Hotstar viewership grew 3X in 2019, reasons being: GOT, BigBoss & World Cup
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Shankar has noted that the regional contents by Star India are the main contributor to Hotstar’s popularity. Regional contents like TV serials in different languages are aired right after even before they appear on TV. The views for these shows are immense and are seen all over the country. Big Boss in Tamil contributes 50% of the total Hotstar viewers, and this show has outnumbered the number of viewers for ‘Yeh Rista kya Kehlata hai’.

In case of English content, Koffee with Karan tops the list and one-third of the viewers for this show are from Mumbai. Game of Thrones does not have as many viewers in Hotstar as expected. It was noticed that 63% of the viewers are from the non-metro cities like Lucknow and Patna. These numbers were far more significant than that from metro cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. Most of the viewers are Millenials under the age of 35.

According to their statistics, 41% of Game of Thrones viewers also watched Hindi family dramas, and 40% of there viewers are men. Women account for 45% of total entertainment consumers in 2019. The only problem with Hotstar is that it does not support user accounts like Netflix. You can log in using Facebook or Google accounts in personal devices, and thus, the account cannot be shared with family members or friends, unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime videos.

Hotstar claims to have an average of 555 installs per minute in 2019, and total download has surpassed 400 million, increasing the consumption by 200%. Most of the downloads are from Smartphones and comparing to last year, several users are probably going to watch sports entertainment videos.

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