Turn your hands into a musical instrument using GripBeats Wrist Band
Turn your hands into a musical instrument using GripBeats Wrist Band

A Denmark based team has invented an electronic device that can turn your hand into a musical instrument. GripBeats is a versatile wearable musical device that you can tie around your hand and create music of your choice. It uses our hand’s touch and movement to make music.

The device is highly fashionable and ergonomic and more importantly, portable and wireless. You do not need to think twice before carrying it anywhere since it easily stays tied around in your hands like a bracelet with the rotational strap or can be extended towards the palm of your hands. There is also a surface mode that allows you to play the gadget on a surface. These 3 modes make it tri-functional in nature: wrist mode, grip mode, and surface mode.

Turn your hands into a musical instrument using GripBeats Wrist Band
GripBeats Wrist Band

Main features of this GripBeats instrument include:

  • You can create any kind of music easily by connecting the device to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • GripBeats can be used in multiple ways: extended control for any of the two hands and also for flat surfaces
  • The device makes use of 3-dimensional space, directions, and acceleration to create music.
  • The GripBeats app provides tutorials for converting gestures to music or playing music through movements.
  • The device was designed and engineered by collaborating the designers and engineers with a group of musicians from the Royal Academy of Music in London.
  • There are lots of pre-configured modes for creating music in the GripBeats App and you can also create your own music through the App.

Just tapping a rhythm, waving your hands and bopping your head to music can create music of its own if you have this instrument. We have always done these movements and we never knew the potential music hidden in these. If you are a professional musician, then you can design your own movements and create music.

For beginners, it is very easy to learn and feel like a professional. If you are a dancer, this is the perfect device to convert your dance moves into musical dance moves.

GripBeats has a 9 axis motion sensor which gives you the freedom to move 360 degrees and also detects the speed of your movements. It is very intuitive and can be given to children of age above 8. it also has a MIDI controller. The instrument is available for pre-booking at the rate of $99 and shipping is expected to be done by May 2020.

To learn more about the product, visit the official website.

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