iPhone users gets incognito mode in Google maps
iPhone users gets incognito mode in Google maps

Google Maps introduce incognito mode in iOS operators starting from today. This facility is already available in Android where your location of activity history in Google Maps will not be saved to your google account. This will not prevent you from getting assistant queries or traffic details on your Google Map. The incognito mode used so that Google does not get your location details or any other person using your phone will not be able to access your previous location.

Certain new options will be brought about in Android also, like a bulk delete option for your timeline. With this, you can remove groups of places you have visited without even opening the Maps. The guide to this is given in the form of images in Google’s blog.

iPhone users gets incognito mode in Google maps
Incognito mode in Google Maps

In the new iOS options, you can turn on the incognito mode just by tapping on your profile picture in the search bar and then tapping “turn on incognito mode”.

Google had already introduced the incognito mode for the Youtube app in Android in 2018. The users can have more privacy in their searches if they prefer one of Google’s apps over the mobile web. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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