PAL-V: The world’s first flying car debuts in Miami
PAL-V: The world’s first flying car debuts in Miami

The world’s first commercial flying car, the PAL-V, will be presented in Miami this year. The PAL-V stands for Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle and this vehicle can fly up to 12,500 feet with its areal and rear retractable propellers.

In their official website, they have introduced the vehicle design as “Inspired by nature, engineered by men and evolved over time, PAL-V is a groundbreaking product that inaugurates the age of flying car”.

“PAL-V Liberty is the marriage between safety and fun designed to satisfy the most demanding customers” they added.

PAL-V: The world’s first flying car debuts in Miami
PAL-V flying car

The car is a 2 person capacity vehicle with a fuel capacity of 100L. It weighs 664kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 910kg. Engine power of the vehicle is 100hp and has a maximum speed of 160 km/hour with a fuel economy of 7.6l/100km.

At flight mode, the high cruise speed is 160km/hour with a maximum speed of 180 km/hr and the minimum speed is 50km/hr. The engine power in flight mode is 200Hp. The flying car can fly up to a maximum of 3500m for about 4.3 hours.

The car is designed in an elegant and slick manner in collaboration with Italian design bureaus. High-end materials and systems are used for the design and they meet all the best aviation standards.

This Duch manufacturing company is already taking pre-orders for the car and is selling at a price of $599,000 with almost 70 pre-orders to date and the first delivery is expected to be in 2021.

In the words of CEO, PAL-V, “After years of hard work, overcoming technical and qualification challenges, our team managed to create an innovative flying car that meets the existing safety standards, determined by the regulatory bodies of all countries of the world.”

He also added that “while the concepts of other flying car manufacturers require modified regulations, and in many cases, technologies not yet existing, PAL-V deliberately chose to design and build, a flying car with proven technologies and fully compatible with existing regulations.”

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