New Google Hatch Chromebook will be powered by an Intel i7-10610U processor
New Google Hatch Chromebook will be powered by an Intel i7-10610U processor

According to momomo_us, Geekbench scores for Google’s upcoming Hatch Chromebook have been revealed. Reports suggest that it will be powered by Intel i7-10610U chipset.

As of now, Intel i7-10610U chipset is not yet unannounced by Intel so we are not really sure whether it is a customized version by Goggle or not.

Intel's new i7-10610U processor exposed, Google's new laptop equipped
Intel i7-10610U processor Geekbench Score

As per Geekbench listing, Google Hatch Chromebook notebook is equipped with an i7-10610U processor which is an upgraded version of the i7-10510U. It has four cores, eight threads, 16 GB of memory, and a frequency of up to 4.9 GHz.

Just a few days back, it was reported that with the ‘Hatch’ line of Chromebooks, Bluetooth is going to get a major fix in the form of Bluetooth 5.0. This fix is expected to include another Bluetooth protocol update in the form of WBS (wide-band speech).

It is reported that Google Hatch ChromeBook is the company’s next notebook product, equipped with Intel’s 10th generation processor, a 3: 2 display and stylus support. Still, we don’t have any official information from Google.

A previously exposed Hatch notebook was equipped with an i3-10110U processor, 8 GB of RAM, and Android 9 operating system. Reports suggest that the i7-10610U version would be the best variant of the Hatch line. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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