Microsoft Math Solver app now available for Android platform
Microsoft Math Solver app now available for Android platform

At the end of November, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Math iOS App, and the new version has enhanced support for Chinese localization. The Android version of Microsoft Math is now available on the Google Play Store for free download. Microsoft named it as Microsoft Math Solver.

Microsoft Math Solver app solves all types of math problems from elementary school, junior high school to high school. It uses a unique artificial intelligence maths problem-solving engine to help students and parents solve problems. All you have to do is take a photo and scan a mathematical formula to get detailed step explanations and coordinate diagrams.

Microsoft Math Solver app now available for Android platform
Microsoft Math Solver App (Android)

As soon as you write a maths problem on screen or use the camera to take a picture of the maths problem, this wonderful app automatically recognizes the maths problem with its artificial intelligence and provides you with a detailed step by step explanation with interactive graphs. You will also be able to do similar problems from the web and online video lectures.

In addition, you can also easily input your mathematical calculations through handwriting inputs as well. You can also use the app to generate similar exercises for you to practice and consolidate.

As of now, the app is available in preview only which means that you might come across a few bugs while using it.

Microsoft Math Solver app now available for Android platform
Microsoft Math Solver Android

As far as maths support is concerned, it can solve real, complex, greatest common divisor, least common multiple, and factorization in the domain of arithmetic; square root, exponential (power) operation, fraction, quadratic equations, equations, inequalities, algebraic equations, graphing linear equations, and graphing quadratic equations under the domain of algebra;  sum, limit, derivative, and integral under calculus; mean, median, modulus, standard deviation, permutation, and combination under statistics.

You can download the Microsoft Math Solver app from this link or simply head over to Google Play Store and search for the app there. Share your experience after using the Math Solver Android version in the comment section below.

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