Razer CEO shares
Razer CEO shares "CyberBlade Notebook" concept renders

It’s been a few weeks since the Tesla announced their CyberTruck. Following that, few tech brands already started working on with their new products inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck design. We have already seen Beyerdynamic’s Cyberpunk Headphones so now Razer got plans to join the list. Today, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan tweeted about their upcoming Cyberblade Notebook with concept renders.

The tweet goes by mentioning Elon Muskin case you’re looking for a new laptop here’s a concept Razer Blade cross over (CyberBlade? :D)“. In addition, Min-Liang Tan also mentioned, “that would probably also run CyberpunkGame when it’s out.” It means, the notebook going to be a gaming laptop with cyberpunk designs.

Looking at the Razer CyberBlade laptop renders, it looks stunning with sharp edges. The gaming laptop does resemble an existing version of the Asus gaming laptop. Yet, we still don’t have the final design of the actual product. Since its adopting Cyberpunk design, we should expect some changes in overall design and specs as well.

Apart from these, the tweet doesn’t share any details or technical specs of Cyberblade Notebook. Yet, it’s assured the notebook will come with high-end specifications and to treat all Cyberpunk fans. However, we can’t expect a low price tag, it sure going to be expensive.

So, what do you think about the upcoming Razer’s CyberBlade Gaming Laptop? Will the CyberBlade Notebook packs good specs to compete with other existing gaming laptops? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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