Xiaomi launched Fimi Palm, a 3-Axis 4K HD Handheld Gimbal Camera

Xiaomi has launched Fimi Palm, a handheld gimbal that is specially designed for shooting mechanical stabilization shooting. It comes with a number of features that include 4K shooting.

It has a handsome design. The preview screen fits into your palm. Frankly, it resembles the Osmo Pocket which was launched a year ago.

As usual, Xiaomi has once again priced it quite cheaply than its competitors to penetrate into the market directly. Interestingly, the Chinese tech giant has priced its product at an almost 50% discount than its competitors. Osmo Pocket comes with a price tag of $349 while Fimi Palm is available at just $199.99 from Gearbest.

Xiaomi launched Fimi Palm, a fair competition to DJI Osmo Pocket
Xiaomi Fimi Palm

Both Osmo Pocket and Fimi Palm offer a high bit rate for 4k recordings, but with a big difference in acquisition style. Osmo Pocket offers an 80-degree viewing angle lens while the Fimi Palm’s camera offers a 128º viewing angle lens.

Fimi Palm is slightly larger and heavier than its counterpart. Osmo Pocket measures 122 x 37 x 29 mm (116g) and Fimi Palm measures 127 x 31 x 23 mm (120 g). While DJI used space to store the connectivity part with the phone, Xiaomi enlarged the screen resulting in 1.22 inches compared to 1.08 inches from DJI.

Both the devices come with a 12 MP 1 / 2.3″ CMOS and a recording speed of 1000 Mbps but Fimi cannot achieve 4k 60 fps like DJI and is limited to 30 fps.

Xiaomi launched Fimi Palm, a fair competition to DJI Osmo Pocket
Xiaomi Fimi Palm and DJI Osmo Pocket

As far as the battery is concerned, Xiaomi has backed up its device with a 125mAh battery which adds up to 1000 mAh. On the other hand, Fimi Palm comes with an integrated WiFi and Bluetooth without the need for separately available adapters.

Though the Xiaomi device is much cheaper and offers almost similar features, it should be noted that DJI is the pioneer here as they invented the design and organization of the technical components of the device.

As mentioned, the product is already available for sale on Gearbest. Do share your thoughts on Xiaomi Fimi Palm Gimbal in the comment section!

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