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How to Upgrade Your Xiaomi Mi Watch Firmware Version

According to the general manager of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, Qu Heng, a small number of Xiaomi Mi Watch users will receive Grayscale upgrade today onwards. And by 5th December, all the Xiaomi Mi Watch will receive OTA upgrades. Mainly, this upgrade solves charging and pairing problems. ​

A few weeks back, the Chinese company declared that it will update its OTA system for the first time on December 3, adding iOS system adaptation, optimizing the experience of first-time matching watches and the download speed of the application market.

How to Upgrade Your Xiaomi Mi Watch Firmware Version
Update Xiaomi Mi Watch Firmware Version

Some of the specifications of the update are the launch of the iOS version of Xiaomi wears App to enhance the user experience of iOS, fix the weather location information refresh problem, optimization of pairing experience, and many more.

Now, we will guide you on how to upgrade your Xiaomi Mi Watch.

How to Upgrade the Xiaomi Mi Watch Firmware Version?

  • At first, you have to connect the Xiaomi Mi Watch to Wi-Fi or pair it with your phone.
  • Then you have to slide the watch down from the main boundary, and continue sliding to the left till you find the option “More settings”. Click on it and slide up.
  • Then click on “Find Wi-Fi“. Follow it up by clicking on the desired Wi-Fi name and enter your Wi-Fi password to connect it.
  • Now, as soon as your Mi watch is connected to the Wi-Fi, a new version will send a notification to the Xiaomi Mi Watch. Slide the notification up from the main interface then slide to the left to see the upgrade option.
  • After this click on “install now” and you are done. Wait for a few minutes to download and install the update.

We would like to recommend you to make sure that the power of the watch is not less than 50% before you try to install the Xiaomi Mi Watch update.

Hope this post, helps you with the Mi Watch firmware version upgrade guide. If you have any questions or facing any issues while trying it, let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more “How To” posts at Morning Tick.

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