iPhone 2020 will be bundled with AirPods: Report
iPhone 2020 will be bundled with AirPods

It was reported that currently, Apple is working on its future lineup of products namely iPhone 2020 and AirPods Pro. Over the last couple of weeks, iPhone 2020 has been a part of numerous discussions. Now, it is being believed that Apple is suggested that bundle its truly wireless earbuds with the next generation of iPhone devices. The report also conveys that other major manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi might also follow the trend in 2020.

So far, Apple AirPods has been the most popular truly wireless earbuds in the market so now, if this turns out to be true, the bundled AirPods will increase the overall value of iPhone devices significantly. However, there are concerns over it as well because some analysts are worrying that the company might end up increasing the price of the iPhone 2020 which will be highly unlikely for the customers.

iPhone 2020 will be bundled with AirPods
Apple’s AirPods 2020

As of now, the company is bundling the wired EarPods with its handsets. In general, these Earpods come at a retail price of around $29. It conveys that the earphones should cost even lesser for the company to manufacture.

On the other hand, Apple AirPods has a retail price of $159 and it is unlikely that this is going to come with the handset for free. There is one more behavioral concern over the matter. As Apple AirPods became a popular device in its genre, the company might not want to give it out for free because customers already have the review and are willing to pay for it.

Apart from this, Apple can also simply increase the overall price of new iPhones covering the manufacturing cost of AirPods but this has a big chance of potentially impacting the sales of future iPhones so the company might not do that. On the contrary, the brand might just decide to bundle the AirPods only with the top-end variant.

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