Canon EOS Rs expected to launch with 65MP CMOS Sensor

Recently, a prototype of Canon’s EOS Rs full-frame mirrorless camera has been exposed with a 65-megapixel CMOS. It is higher than the 61-megapixels of Sony’s previously released Sony A7R4. As of now, there is not much news about Canon EOS Rs.

The EOS Rs will hit the high-pixel record of the full-frame camera, with its 65-megapixels full-frame CMOS image sensor and it will give fair competition to Sony’s A7R4 camera.

A few weeks ago, a report spread a rumor that Canon is working on a new high-resolution 80MP sensor. Previous reports suggested that the EOS Rs will also be available in 70-megapixels and 80-megapixels prototypes.

Canon EOS Rs expected to launch in the second quarter of 2020
Canon EOS Rs

As far as size is concerned, the Canon EOS Rs camera is expected to be a little bigger than the EOS R and with a larger handle. Apart from this, unlike the EOS R, it will also come with an LCD display and an electronic viewfinder.

Though, as of now, nothing is clear but it is heard that the display or viewfinder can be tilted as well.

The camera is packed with a “new style” joystick and two memory card slots. Both slots will be designed for SD memory cards.

The Canon EOS RS full-frame mirrorless camera is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2020 and some of its rumored features till date are: lightly larger housing than the EOS R, full-frame image sensor of 80MP, new joystick control solution, LCD screen and viewfinder are larger than EOS R, tilt viewfinder, and double slot for SD cards.

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