Beyerdynamic announces Cyberpunk Headphones inspired by Tesla Cybertruck

German audio brand Beyerdynamic has just announced a T1 Cyber Special Edition headphones via the official Twitter handle. It wasn’t an expected announcement from the company, yet they claim the design was inspired by the recently launched Tesla Cybertruck. Well, the design of the headphone looks amazing, and it should attract more Tesla fans.

Beyerdynamic Cyberpunk Headphones adopt the triangular pyramid design made of stainless steel and Tesla Technology.  According to the tweet, the company promises outstanding sound quality and rugged design that’s totally unbreakable. They mentioned, “outstanding sound, stainless steel housing and totally unbreakable, promised….”.

Still, the company hasn’t revealed the released date and pricing details of T1 Cyberpunk Headsets. Since Beyerdynamic has promised excellent sound performance and lasting build quality made of stainless steel, the price can be a bit expensive. Also, in that same tweet, they have not mentioned “affordable” either.

Beyerdynamic announces Cyberpunk Headphones inspired by Tesla Cybertruck
Beyerdynamic T1 Cyber Special Edition Headphones

Meanwhile, Audio-Technica re-posted about this on their Weibo handle mentioning, “The triangle also gave me a whole chant.” Now, Cyber headphones are gaining more talks on social media and press coverage.

Well, what do you think about the futuristic T1 Cyber Special Edition headphones? For us, it seems a cool looking headphone with a unique design and is unbreakable but it’s too edgy.

Do share your thoughts on the Cyberpunk Headphones in the comment section below!

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