ORBA - A MIDI controller that brings music in the grasp of your palm
ORBA – A MIDI controller that brings music in the grasp of your palm

ORBA is a musical gadget or more specifically, music-making gadget by Artiphon that can fit into your palms. With this gadget in hand, you can make your own music whenever and wherever you want. It is a looper, synth, and controller all in one. You can play any sound and make beautiful music with just a touch.

It is designed in the shape of a hemisphere which according to Dr. Mike Butera, Founder and CEO, Artiphon, was inspired by daily life objects like, orange, tennis ball, teacups and even the way we hold our phones to control them in our hands.

The top portion of ORBA is flat and contains 8 segments that let you play or stack drum, chord, bass, and lead layers. There are buttons for play, pause, and record as well. There is a menu button at the center which helps you cycle between features. It has feather touch sensitivity, instant playability, and a minimalist form factor.

ORBA - A MIDI controller that brings music in the grasp of your palm
ORBA MIDI controller

This tiny instrument has more to it than playing and creating music. It has a gyroscope and an accelerometer and is also velocity-sensitive. The device responds to a number of gestures due to these features. The intensity of sounds can be altered by just sliding your finger across the device, add vibro effects by wiggling your fingers while pressing a pad, you can shake it, bump it against a surface or swing it in the air to produce different sounds. They also have multicolor LEDs.

Artiphon ORBA can be connected to software and music apps using MIDI through Bluetooth or USB (Type C) although it is not necessary because it has a built-in speaker and synth and anything can be played directly through ORBA. Artiphon says that this device is compatible with any MIDI app and all the MIDI-enabled digital audio systems like GarageBand, FLstudio and Ableton Live.

ORBA - A MIDI controller that brings music in the grasp of your palm
ORBA MIDI controller

The gadget contains audio jack for headphones in case you want to connect them. There is also an app for the gadget through which you can access more options in sound, presets, settings, loops, edit, store, etc.

One interesting thing about this device is that it can make a beginner feel like a professional and a professional feel like a beginner again. Think about that. Even a professional musician can find this amusing and fun to play with. It is small enough to take anywhere and loud enough to play it in your friend’s group.

ORBA - A MIDI controller that brings music in the grasp of your palm
Orba companion app (Mac, Windows, PC, and Android)

The company has announced the price of ORBA to be around $89 and pre-booking is available now with estimated delivery in April 2020 on the Kickstarter platform. the company has pledged to donate one device to an organisation for music therapy for each purchased devices. They have raised a funding of 0,000 for the project already and there are still 46 days left for the campaign.

Meanwhile, check out the cool features you can watch the videos available on YouTube about Artiphon ORBA. Cool music and sound are really attractive and soothening. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the Artiphon ORBA MIDI controller in the comment section below!

To learn more about the product, visit the official campaign page.

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