BMW patent design suggest electric sports motorcycle

Like other motorcycle companies, BMW is working on a electric sports motorcycle. The newly leaked patent images suggest a radical electric sportbike. Once it surfaced on the web, it lightened up more talks on the upcoming BMW electric motorcycle.

The below diagram is that of the new electric motorcycle design patented by BMW. The design from BMW shows and electric motorbike which is frameless unlike other bikes and the notable feature is its major component which is a sealed box containing controllers and batteries.

According to the design, the battery and motor are linked through forks and a single 45-degree mono-shock to the swingarm. The swingarm appears to be mounted to the motor assembly and this would keep the swingarm and motor axle as close and possible reducing the chain tensioning.

BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent
BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent

This design is far from that of a novel electric motorcycle but the specialty is that this is new to BMW and they are getting serious about electric motorcycles sooner rather than later. This is quite surprising because the Managing Director Stephan Schaller had told the Italian publisher Motociclismo in 2018 that electric motorcycles are not in their immediate future.

BMW already has a C Evolution electric scooter which adopts a similar design and this model is 5 years old currently. It has a sealed box containing battery similar to the new motorbike design.

BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent
BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent Drawing

This design appears to be that of a high-performance electric motorcycle that could compete with ZeroSR/F or Energica Ego.

BMW has a number of sports bikes and this latest patented design is very similar to the BMW F800 in geometry, wheels, suspension linkage, and handlebars.

The price of this new electric sports bike is a big question. The BMW C Evolution electric scooter costs around $14,000 with a speed of 129KmpH and contains 12.7kW BMW iSeries battery module. The motor is 35KW.

The above design of the sports bike will obviously have higher numbers suited for sports vehicles in case of speed, battery, and motor. Not much information is revealed about the new design or product by BMW and we can expect a price range minimum of around $18 – 20k.

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