Sony launches Wearable Neck Speakers (SRS-WS1)
Sony launches Wearable Neck Speakers (SRS-WS1)

Sony has launched wearable speakers that you can wear around your neck and rests on the shoulders. This is the first of its kind to catch the user’s eye and it looks like a neckband but very thick without wires.

This is an Immersive Wearable Speaker (SRS-WS1) which aims to deliver immersive audio effects while you watch a video or a movie. Sony says that “ Both the speakers are equipped with a passive radiator vibration plate which enhances low tones, producing vibrations together with bass sounds from film action scenes or at live venues”.

This device is not Bluetooth connected as one may think and connects to your TV via the transmitter. This transmitter is responsible for sending the audio to your wearable speaker. It connects the TV audio with both the speakers simultaneously and thus providing the user with the best audio experience.

Sony launches Wearable Neck Speakers (SRS-WS1)
Sony’s Immersive Wearable Speaker (SRS-WS1)

The device is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged using USB and promises 7 hours of usage after charging to its full capacity which takes 3 hours.

The Sony SRS-WS1 speaker has not yet been launched in India but is available in the United States for 0 which is around 26000 Indian Rupees and is available only in one color. There is a limited-time introductory price that is around $249 till the 1st of December.

A charging stand will be shipped by Sony along with the speakers so the user does not have to worry about that part. And one negative is that the speaker cannot be used while being charged. You can connect the speaker to the headphone plug in your smartphone but is not the primary recommended use of the speaker.

Sony has always brought about trendsetting products and this might also be another one of them. Do share your thoughts on Sony’s Immersive Wearable Speaker (SRS-WS1) in the comment section below!

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