Facebook Dating users can now share 'Stories' from Instagram & Facebook
Facebook Dating users can now share 'Stories' from Instagram & Facebook

Facebook is expanding its horizons for their stories product by availing them on the Facebook dating platform. The users can now share their Facebook and Instagram stories in the dating app, to their existing matches and also to the prospective matches. They have the choice to decide what content should be shared within the Facebook dating platform and also can decide what to cross-post from Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook has always been about creating/maintaining relationships, and they recently changed the course of creating relations by starting the Facebook dating app for those looking for dating. Facebook has become an integral part of our lives, and most of us use it to maintain our old friendships and relationships (family or nonfamily).

Therefore, the dating app was created separately and exclusively for those who are interested in a date. They have to compete with tinder and other existing apps, but considering the popularity of Facebook, it would not be an issue.

The lead product manager for stories on Facebook dating, Charmaine Hung said, “Bringing stories into the app provides the users with more insight about their dates and at the same time, proving that the people are real.”

Facebook Dating users can now share 'Stories' from Instagram & Facebook
Facebook Dating gets ‘Stories’ feature

The stories appear on the top of the page just like Facebook and Instagram as circles profiles, and one can click on them to view. You can like the stories and let the person reply if you are a prospective match. If you are already matched with the person, then you can send then comments and hearts on the story. In short, this is quite similar to the stories in Insta and FB, so you will not find it difficult to use or get adjusted to the icon.

The person has to choose every part of the story content individually, and this they cannot upload a whole lot of their feed into the stories. This choosing option is a part of Facebook’s privacy measures. The main aim of these story tabs, as we already discussed, is to prove that the person is real. You can link your dating profile to your Instagram account to let your matches know more about you. Although many people may not be very comfortable with allowing strangers to know about them in detail, so it entirely depends on your choice.

Adding stories may not create much difference in the number of users in Facebook dating because people already share their stories through Instagram and FB profiles with whomever they want. But since this feature is not familiar with other dating apps, Facebook dating might stand out among others.

This is a small niche for people who want to date, away from Instagram and Facebook, and hence nobody would ever want to leave any of the Facebook apps. This is indeed a profitable and intelligent approach by Facebook.


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