Latest Fortnite upgrade gets Microsoft DirectX 12 support
Latest Fortnite upgrade gets Microsoft DirectX 12 support

This week, Fortnite players on PC are going to get an upgrade. The latest version of the update is v11.20. It allows you to play Fortnite using Microsoft DirectX 12.

Epic Games announced this in a statement put out alongside the update. So far, it supported only Microsoft DirectX 11 so players had no other options. From now on, wither a player plays on DirectX 12 or some other previous versions will depend solely on the player.

Epic games said that PC players using DirectX 12 and high-end graphics power units will experience a “higher and steadier frame rate” because “DirectX 12 delivers better CPU performance and allows for the distribution of rendering jobs across multiple cores.”

Latest Fortnite upgrade gets Microsoft DirectX 12 support
Fortnite gets Microsoft DirectX 12 support

Epic Games also said that in the future, they will be adding more features to the game that are made possible through DirectX 12.

In the blog post. Epic Games stated that “In the future, we plan on adding features to Fortnite that are made possible by DX12, allowing players to opt into DX12 before these features are added will give us valuable information in our development efforts and help us shake out any bugs.”

Just to let you know, all Windows 10 PC’s come with DirectX by default. However, you have to check which version of DirectX is there in your system. You can check out this Windows support page for more information to know your version.


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