Spotify rolls out new feature: Soundtrack your Ride

Spotify has launched yet another new feature and it is named Soundtrack your Ride. With this new feature, Spotify made it easier to curate your perfect road trip playlist. Soundtrack your Ride feature generates the playlist based on your Spotify listening habits and answers to a few questions with the help of which it understands your preferences.

At first, Spotify asks you about the starting point and ending point of your journey and when you provide the necessary details, it o calculate the approximate length of your trip. It should be noted that as of now, this is limited to the United States only.

However, Spotify users outside the US can use the timer to manually set the duration of the journey. Based on the duration of the trip, Spotify filters songs for you. You can skip explicit songs by keeping the “Include tracks with EXPLICIT LYRICS” checkbox unchecked.

Spotify asks the user just five questions. You will be asked with whom you are traveling and you will be given Solo, Friends, Partner, Kids, and Pets as options to choose from.

Next, Spotify will ask you to choose your favorite genre and it will provide options such as Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Country, Rock, Mood, Indie, and EDM.

Thirdly, you will be asked about drive vibe preference from options like Mellow, Sing-alongs, High-energy, Classic, Love sick, Pedal to the metal, and Slow ride.

In the fourth question, Spotify directly asks you about your ultimate driving song from options like Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”, Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo”,  Rascal Flatts’ “Life is a Highway”, Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Backroad”, and Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker”.

Lastly, Spotify will ask the type of vehicle for your road trip and you will be given choices like SUV, Convertible, SUV, Electric, Sedan, and Pickup Truck.