Dark Mode on WhatsApp is got closer with the latest update
Dark Mode on WhatsApp is got closer with the latest update

Lately, Dark Mode for WhatsApp has been rumored and discussed. It has been one of the most highly anticipated features of WhatsApp for which the company has been working for more than a year now.

The company has not yet released the Dark mode update for WhatsApp however, the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android and iOS promises the implementation of the feature. WhatsApp will show signs of Dark Mode as soon as you turn on your smartphone. But for this, you have to enable the Dark Mode feature from settings.

According to reports, as of now, the Dark mode implementation in WhatsApp is not yet complete. Another feature that will be integrated into the upcoming Dark mode update is Splash screen. Dark Mode will be on the “Splash Screen” when you open the WhatsApp and in the conversations. Also, the wallpaper will change from white to dark in this mode.

Dark Mode on WhatsApp is got closer with the latest update
Dark Mode on WhatsApp is got closer with the latest update

Previously, after rebranding the Facebook Logo, Facebook has redesigned the Splash Screen of WhatsApp and also added references to Facebook. Similarly, the logo has been upgraded implemented in WhatsApp Settings as well and the old footer is redesigned. The company disclosed that the app will be white as it is In Calls and Settings.

Just like Facebook Messenger, recently, WhatsApp has recently received fingerprint security support with the WhatsApp 2.19.308 update. It comes with a handful of customizations that include setting how fast a user wants the fingerprint request to work out. It has a range of 3 settings: immediately after the display closes, 1 minute, and 20 minutes.

WaBetaInfo, which keeps an eye on all the beta updates of WhatsApp remarked that iPhone users will be able to run this feature on iOS 13. WhatsApp’s dark mode icons will come in two color schemes: blue and grey.

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