PUBG might soon get Clan System on PC and Console

The latest update of PUBG, update 5.1 came with a couple of new features. For example, with this update, users are allowed to instantly kill opponents with a carefully aimed frying pan. Other features included a new revamped Miramar map, the ability to throw ammo, first aids, and vending machines. Apart from this, the developers were also updating the rank system and multiplayer options almost regularly.

Data miners have been shuffling behind the scenes as soon as this update got live and now they have discovered that the battle royale’s mobile clan system might be making its way to PC and console systems.

Data miner of The Loadout, PlayerIGN spotted a number of files hinting that a new clan-based system might be on its way. According to PlayerIGN, the clan system is not going to be free. It is going to cost you 5000 BP COST.

PUBG might soon get Clan System on PC and Console
PUBG might soon get Clan System on PC and Console

Clan names or titles will be limited to 2 to 15 characters and it might up to 6 numbers. On the other hand, the shortened tag offers only 2 to 4 characters. It’s believed there’ will be a 20 member limit so there might be a dedicated section for recruits and resumes as well.

Recruit means you will have to submit your resume to become a member of an existing clan. It reflects that PUBG will see you share your gameplay stats with clan leaders and they will check your stats and decide whether they will add or ignore you.

Slogan and Presentations are limited to up to 30 and 180 characters respectively. Clans may be linked to the upcoming ranked mode, as there’s a “no clan” label for the leaderboard.

As of now, there are no clues on when the feature might be introduced but given a similar system was introduced for mobile players back in July 2018, it seems that similar changes will come to PC and console.