“QiPatch” Tiny Powerful Wireless Charger with 15W fast charging support

QiPatch is a unique charging patch that allows you to charge your handset wirelessly. All this is done by without giving up your mobility. Currently, the QiPatch Wireless Charger is listed on Kickstarter as a crowdfunding project.

The gadget is thin and tiny. It not only allows free movement but also supports all kinds of cables. There is also a night mode feature in the gadget. The wireless charger comes with one QiPatch port that can be used with USB Type-C, Micro USB as well as with Lightning cables.

In order to automatically align QiPatch with your phone all, you have to is simply place your phone on top of the QiPatch! The best part is, with QiPatch, you won’t even have to restrict your actions. It won’t mind if you are watching videos, texting, or surfing the internet. It stays attached to your phone so you won’t have to lay your phone down all the time. Qi Patch will stay attached to the back of your smartphone even when you spin it 360°. The gadget can charge through phone cases up to 0.24 inches (6mm) in thickness.

"QiPatch" Tiny Powerful Qi Wireless Charger, supports up to 15W fast charging
QiPatch Wireless Charger with 15W fast charging

Qi Patch is perhaps the smallest charging pad currently available in the wireless charging industry. In terms of thickness, it measures 0.3 inches only. It has a diameter of 2.1 inches and its volume is 3 times smaller than the average charging pad volume of the industry. The makers tease this device by saying it is the same size as our favourite Chips Ahoy!

QiPatch Wireless Charger with 15W fast charging
QiPatch Wireless Charger with 15W fast charging

QiPatch delivers wireless charge up to 15W and it comes with fast wireless charging support. It is compatible with iPhone and Android phones, along with a wide range of gadgets that are Qi-enabled. The list includes devices from core companies like Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Microsoft, and many more.

QiPatch’s light indicator is located at the back and while charging, the light faces downwards so any harsh light is automatically covered. It comes in 4 colours: Red, Grey, Black, and White. It is priced at a rate of $40.

For more information, check the Kickstarter website. Do watch the official introduction video of Qi Patch Wireless Charger,