Gionee A326 flip phone promoted as
Gionee A326 flip phone

Gionee announced its new product, Gionee A326. This product is promoted as the continuation of the classic excellence of the clamshell-style by the company. Gionee used the term “gold quality, the world” to market it.

Gionee A326 is a flip phone. As far as hardware configuration is concerned, it comes with a dual SIM card support and long standby. The flip phone opens and closes in style. According to the QQ blog, “The Gionee A326 is unique and individualized with the on-screen keyboard and the classic clamshell design can bring higher work efficiency.”

Gionee A326 flip phone promoted as "gold quality, the world"
Gionee A326 flip phone

Meanwhile, Gionee A326 comes in only one color variant and that is a dark color. The dark color highlights the noble and steady temperament of the device. The folding flip cover not only reduces the size of the mobile phone but also makes it easy to carry and more in line with the momentum of businesspeople in the palm of the hand to grasp.

Gionee said that it will bring better craftsmanship along with better user experience and more reliable quality to users with this handset. As of now, Gionee A326 flip phone is listed on JD mall for pre-ordering at a price tag of 298 Yuan (around Rs. 3000).

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