Tumblr is launching a group chat feature
Tumblr is launching a group chat feature

It is reported that Tumblr is going to launch a new group messaging feature in its app that will allow different fandoms on the site to chat more easily with each other.

Only approved members will be able to send messages. Tumblr revealed that there will be a new group chat icon in the upper right hand corner of Tumblr’s app and it will start from today itself.

The upcoming feature of “group chats” will be completely a public platform which means anyone can find and read them. Group chats are not meant for private DM sessions with Tumblr friends. Here, the idea is simply to give people of niche communities a chance to create dedicated spaces and talk about their interests. This feature will be used more like a hub where members will be able to can talk with each other about their favorite things.

It should be noted that there are some significant differences between Tumblr group chat and that offered by Facebook. Here, there is certain rule that needs to be followed. Maximum, a Tumblr group chat can consist of 100 members and the group chat automatically disappears after 24 hours.

Tumblr is launching a group chat feature

Members can discover group charts by searching as all chats are visible in the public space but in order to join it, they have to request permission to join. On the other hand, users who are not members can preview what the group chat looks like but they won’t be able to actively participate in any conversation without being given access from someone who is there in the group.

Tumblr product manager Scott Oltrogge told The Verge: “I can remove messages, and I can remove users as I see fit,” Oltrogge said. “If I wanted to remove that user’s message, I can if it was inappropriate. I can also remove that user completely if they’re not behaving in the way I want.”

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