Here’s how to enable RCS Messaging on Android Phone

Google is partnering with carriers and OEMs to offer a native messaging client, Messages, for RCS, SMS, and MMS messaging. RCS messaging was initially designed to move mobile networks beyond texting but different approaches made it quite difficult and cost-inefficient for carriers to bring it to users.

By aligning on the GSMA’s universal RCS profile with the Messages RCS client app, carriers can now provide RCS messaging across Android devices. Well, this post is about How to enable RCS Chat features in Google Message.

Meanwhile, Google itself has upgraded its Android Messages app to offer iMessage style texting to its users on its platform with the help of RCS Chat. As of now, Google has rolled out RCS for users in the UK and France and other users are left at the whims of carriers.

Here's how to enable RCS Messaging on Any Android Phone
Here’s how to enable RCS Messaging on Any Android Phone

How to Enable RCS Chat on Your Android Device

This week, a method was discovered that allows users to forcibly connect their device to Google’s implementation of RCS without a hitch. Moreover, this method also resets RCS if you already have it enabled in your device. In this article, we will guide you on how to do that.

Get RCS Chat in Google Messages on Supported Android Phones

  1. To being, download the Google Messages App from the Play Store.
  2. If you already have that in your system, update it to the latest version.
  3. Check whether your Carrier services are installed and up to date or not. Do it if not!
  4. Next, install Activity Launcher for Android (Download Link).
  5. Don’t forget to turn off your Wi-Fi and clear the storage. Check for both Messages and Carrier services in order to reset your phone to a clean slate.
  6. Open Activity Launcher and select “All Activities.”
  7. Go to the Messages app and under Messages, look for “Set RCS Flags”.
  8. In ACS URL, use
  9. For the OTP Pattern use – Your\sMessenger\sverification\scode\sis\sG-(\d{6})
  10. Apply these changes and restart your phone.

You are done. This is the easiest way to enable RCS messaging on Android smartphones. Now, simply open Messages and you will be prompted to upgrade your messaging experience. If you have any queries on the new Google Chat, do let us know in the comment section below!