Apple applied for
Apple applied for "wrap-around" screen design patent for iPhone

It is reported that Apple has recently applied for a new patent for iPhone screen design. Apple applied for the iPhone “wrap-around” screen design patent. According to the patent definition, it seems that the patent is specially designed to allow iPhone / iPad devices to “present content for users from any angle.”

Apple’s screen design patent number is 10345860. The patent describes the device as an “electronic device with a wraparound display” that “at least” includes a transparent casing and a flexible screen. It is going to be a portable electronic device with a front surface and a rear surface, and a transparent housing that covers at least a portion of both the front surface and the back surface respectively.

Apple applied for "wrap-around" screen design patent for iPhone
Apple iPhone “wrap-around” screen design patent

It has a circuit board and a display assembly which is specially configured to provide visual content. The device display assembly is located in the transparent housing and extends around the circuit board.

iPhone wraparound display Patent
iPhone wraparound display Patent

Although Apple has not publicly stated that it will add a folding/overlay screen to the iPhone in the future, Apple has been patenting this design in recent years. It seems that Apple is developing a design for final product development.

It is worth noting that this new patent is not of a folding screen type that is described by Apple in the design patents filed in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. This new patent shows two or more overlapping screens.

The patent document states: “The display component definition is connected to the first screen, and the second screen is overlapped with the first screen, which is combined by two screens to present 3D visual content.”

So a competitor for Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha smartphone? Do share your thoughts on Apple’s iPhone wraparound display Patent in the comment section below!


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