Unremovable Android Malware xHelper highly discussed on social media

In the last couple of years, reports of malware affecting Android devices have skyrocketed. Some of the remarkable malwares were Agent Smith malware, ZooPark malware, Skygofree malware, and so many others. Even some QR code apps were also identified as none other than malwares. Now, it has been reported that there is yet another strain of malware that is currently affecting Android devices and this one is totally unremovable. According to reports, this malware is named as xHelper malware.

The xHelper malware basically gets installed in situations where users are trying to sideload untrusted apps using fishy websites or third party sites. As soon as you install the app you want to install, the sideloaded apps install the malware on your device automatically. Now, when the malware is installed in your device, it can do any damage that the developers want it to do.

As of now, the actions of the malware is quite restricted to ads and spam notifications to earn revenue by spamming users but security researchers are warning that the malware has the potential to install secondary payloads on infected devices and these payloads can be anything starting from DDoS modules to password stealers.

The thing that is more worrying is that this malware is nearly unremovable. Even if a user reports, the malware automatically reinstalls itself after getting deleted by some app remover tool. Eventually, it reinstalls itself even after a factory reset.

So far, antivirus and antimalware software have been unsuccessful at removing the malware and some users even reported that their antivirus software is not even reporting about this malware. This means the threats of this malware are undetected by most antivirus software.

For almost a few months, reports about this malware have been surfacing online and people are discussing their personal experience on Reddit, Play Store Help, and other Android forums.