Razer has launched Talos Konjac’s professional version of the analog optical axis keyboard. The newly released one-handed keyboard comes with the analog optical axis and thumb arrow. In terms of price, the Razer Talos konjac professional version of the one-handed keyboard is priced at 1099 yuan.

This keyboard is a one-hand design. Razer Talos Konjac professional version single hand keyboard comes with a size is 202 mm × 151 mm × 63.5 mm. The keyboard weighs about 364 grams. It is equipped with an analog optical-mechanical axis.

Razer launches Talos konjac one-handed gaming keyboard
Razer Talos konjac one-handed gaming keyboard

A Razer official said that this one-hand keyboard can record different commands from the tapping action of the same button as per the depth of the button pressing. It achieves a more precise and subtle control similar to the handle thumb lever.

For example, when one half is pressed, the command one is triggered, whereas when the button is pressed, the second command is triggered.

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The Razer Talos Konjac keyboard sports as many as 32 programmable buttons and is specially designed with 8-way thumb keys and scroll wheels. The keyboard is equipped with an ergonomic wrist rest with two adjustable positions and detachable design. In addition, it also features Razer Chroma RGB illusion.

As aforementioned, the Razer Talos Konjac professional version one-handed keyboard comes with a price tag of 1099 Yuan. Currently, this gaming keyboard is listed on Tmall.com at 1199 Yuan. Do share your thoughts about the Razer Talos Konjac keyboard in the comment section below!