Dual screen Microsoft Surface Neo will be powered by an Intel Tremont processor
Microsoft Surface Neo will be powered by an Intel Tremont processor

After Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows 10S and Windows 10X, Microsoft once again tried to open up to a new set of consumers with different Windows methods.

What all these solutions have in common is that Microsoft is trying to attract consumers with a new Windows imagination that is easier to use than the older version. We look forward to seeing this vision in Microsoft’s dual-screen collapsible PC Surface Neo as well.

Recently Intel revealed that Surface Neo hybrid tablet/laptop will not run on a high-end processor. Intel confirmed that Surface Neo will run on its new Tremont CPU architecture which is an upgrade to the Goldmont Plus architecture. Since 2017, Goldmont Plus architecture has been used by the company in its low-end tablets and Chromebook notebooks. Intel Tremont architecture CPU speed is about 30% more than that of Goldmont Plus architecture but it is still far behind Core i5 level chips.

Intel Tremont processor performance
Intel Tremont processor performance

Obviously these are not only the empty benchmark parameters but actually, these affect the speed at which the application starts, the health of a particular web application, and the responsiveness of the entire operating system so it is very much important to consider them.

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Microsoft has already introduced a Windows 10X operating system that fits dual-screen or folding screens but is limited to the dual-screen design and hardware space of Surface Neo.

The Microsoft Surface Neo dual-screen notebook is expected to be available before the 2020 Christmas holiday. Do share your thoughts on the upcoming Dual-screen Microsoft Surface Neo in the comment section below!


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