Sony registered a cloud connected Game Controller patent

Recently, the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, Sony has filed a patent. It appears that the patent is that of a cloud connected game controller which is more or less similar to that of Stadia Controller of Google. This might be a gaming controller that is specially designed for Sony’s PlayStations.

Experts believe that due to Google’s heavy push into the game streaming, Sony is working hard to improve its own game streaming services and secure its market base. As of now, game streaming services is going to be one of the more exploited fields in the near future.

The patent is published by none other than the World Intellectual Property Organization. The patent was published on 5th September and it details the device as “controller device for user interactivity with a server of a cloud gaming system.”

Sony registered a cloud connected game controller patent
Sony registered a cloud connected game controller patent

Further, it explains when the controller is connected to a network, it will send inputs to a server rather than a local device and then these inputs will be processed automatically to “render gameplay video that is transmitted over the network for rendering to a display device that is local to the controller device.”

More or less, Google’s Stadia Controller operates in the same manner. The Stadia controller can be connected to Google’s servers only via a Wi-Fi network rather than a local device and the servers then process the inputs. Then it is used to relay gameplay back to the user’s personal device.

There is some speculation that this is going to be PlayStation 5 controller but it should be noted that there is nothing in the patent alluding to the console. Some experts are even considering that this could be a controller for Sony’s new game streaming service, PlayStation Now.

We have to wait to see what the company is really cooking because a patent filing is not a confirmation of a device.